Guys! I am so excited to share this fall campaign we shot a couple weeks ago! I am always looking forward to fall fashion. There are endless layer options and countless accessories, but one of my favorite accessories is one that you’ll wear year-round – eyewear! Whether it’s eyeglasses or sunglasses, eyewear is really one piece that fully completes a look, and it’s crazy how a different pair of frames can totally transform a look.

After I had Beckam my eyesight got worse! I don’t know if that’s a thing of if it was coincidence, or was just a part of aging, but my vision isn’t as strong as it used to be. Funny thing, in high school I ALWAYS wanted glasses. I tried to purposely fail my eye exams so I could get my parents to buy my glasses. Didn’t do a good enough job faking it 😉 so I always bought plain lens frames (without a prescription) because I loved glasses to much!

Now that I have a true need for them, I love getting to add glasses to my looks. To be honest, I somehow always misplace them though! I usually have my sunglasses spread out all around my car, house, and bags so I always have a pair somewhere, but I only had a few prescription glasses so I’ve been on the lookout for new frames to have them handy. LensCrafters has so many of my favorite brands: Michael Kors, Coach, Tory Burch, and so many more! I’m obsessed with their fall styles! Below are 10 frames I picked out and 10 ways to style them. Which one is your favorite??

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