How to Tag An Instagram Story?


The use of hashtags is very popular and a good way to categorize information on social media sites. Hashtags draw attention to the purpose of the post and can be organized in a way to promote business.

Instagram Stories use hashtags in a similar way. Let us peek how hashtags define and categorize popular Stories.


This hashtag is one of the more positive hashtags used in Instagram Stories. Imagine waking up in the morning and checking your Instagram feed to see #GOODMORNING. It can be a really positive morning routine to get you going into a positive, productive and enjoyable day.


This is a very interesting hashtag. It often has posts that depict vacation and recreation. Arguably, without a proper rest one cannot work very well, but, semantics aside, employment agencies could use this hashtag to portray the innate advantages of certain workspaces. Interesting activities, sweet office space and employees spreading positive vibes are only but a few ideas.


We all have different moods each day. Using this hashtag in your Instagram Story could draw attention to getting help for mental health (good for businesses in the health sector), listening to music (good for music producers, bands, music providers such as Spotify, Google Music, etc.) or simply to a cup of coffee (great for coffee roasters or mobile coffee suppliers).


There are many avenues for this hashtag to be used in Instagram Story posts. As broad as it is, #LOVE can be applied to many things. Some avenues could be romance novels, movies, music, gifts, weddings, families, spiritual, and dating sites.

The above are some of the most used hashtags in Instagram Stories. There are many more that could be used depending on what the purpose of your post is for your business. Why not check out the list of other hashtags that would draw interest to your business prospects in the infographic below?


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